Indian Creek Ranch

The Schultz Family

Located in Northeastern Missouri


CONTACT US AT: 573-719-9057 

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Monday thru Saturday

9:00 am to 8:00 pm Central time.

We are busy during the day having Homeschool, but will contact you as soon as possible. 

   Sunday is our day of worship.






SQUARE has a Secure Checkout you can use with any Debit or Credit Card. No need for an account.  Please contact us for SQUARE invoice. 

We are proud to be members of the American Kennel Club, America's Pet Registry Inc., Continental Kennel Club, and the American Canine Association.                                                                                                                                    We are a very small, family owned and operated professional pet breeder. Although it is a hobby for our family, we believe in accountability. We are also a licensed Missouri Business.  We are USDA licensed and inspected to ship. Also we are licensed and inspected by the MO Dept. of Ag. We are also inspected by AKC and our local Veterinarian office. 

We offer Designer Breed First Generation Cavapoos (King Charles Cavelier crossed with a Poodle) and Purebred APRI Miniature Pinscher Puppies. We also have AKC German Shepherd puppies at this time. 

For your convenience, SHIPPING IS INCLUDED in the United States. You may reserve a puppy with a $300.00 Non-refundable SQUARE Deposit Invoice.  Puppies are ready to go at 8 weeks old!

Shipping with United, Delta and American Airlines                    of St. Louis, Missouri and Ozark Jet A Pet

    We can ship your new puppy to your nearest airport in the U.S. with Delta's, United,  or American Airline's Pet Safe program. This is included in our puppy prices. After you pay for your puppy, I will call Riley at Ozark Jet A Pet, our flight coordinator in St. Louis.  We cannot confirm the flight until a week before. We will book the puppies flight with your best time of arrival. Ozark Jet A Pet will email you the puppies flight information and the confirmation/tracking number, as well as a toll free # for directions about where to pick up your puppy. You will be able to track the puppy on its flight home to you.  You will need your ID to pick up your new puppy. The travel crate, medical records, Microchip Registration, and Health Certificate will come with puppy and will be in an envelope on top of your puppies crate.  This is very important information that you will need to keep. We will send your registration papers to you by U.S. mail.

Puppies are well cared for during flight with the necessary climate control. We have an attendant at the airport that stays with the puppy. He feeds, waters, and changes your puppies bedding.  They take wonderful care of it and keep your Puppy safe and clean.  We have had good reports from Customers that are happy with the care of their new pet before and during its flight.

We have picked up future puppy parents that we purchased online from the Airport in St. Louis ourselves. They take excellent care of our puppies!

Our Veterinarian  will do a Health exam of the puppy prior to him/her coming home. We work hard to assure that you get a very healthy puppy.