Indian Creek Ranch

The Schultz Family

Located in Northeastern Missouri


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Monday thru Saturday

9:00 am to 8:00 pm Central time.

We are busy during the day having Homeschool, but will contact you as soon as possible. 

   Sunday is our day of worship.






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We are proud to be members of the American Kennel Club, America's Pet Registry Inc., Continental Kennel Club, and the American Canine Association.                                                                                                                                    We are a very small, family owned and operated professional pet breeder. Although it is a hobby for our family, we believe in accountability. We are also a licensed Missouri Business.  We are USDA licensed and inspected to ship. Also we are licensed and inspected by the MO Dept. of Ag. We are also inspected by AKC and our local Veterinarian office. 

We offer Designer Breed First Generation Cavapoos (King Charles Cavelier crossed with a Poodle) and Purebred APRI Miniature Pinscher Puppies. We also have AKC German Shepherd puppies at this time. 

For your convenience, SHIPPING IS INCLUDED in the United States. You may reserve a puppy with a $300.00 Non-refundable SQUARE Deposit Invoice.  Puppies are ready to go at 8 weeks old!





Our dogs and puppies are truly our passion!  We are a very small family owned and operated; licensed and inspected professional pet breeder.  We sell directly to pet owners, and not to wholesalers, brokers, dealers, pet shops, or third party's.  We have zero tolerance for substandard breeding practices and those that breed for quantity instead of quality.  We usually have just a few litters at a time. So each litter gets special attention.

We put our hearts and dedication into every Puppy! All of our puppies are family raised with love, respect, and a high level of attention and personal care. We feel like God has really blessed us. It's a Family affair! 

We are also members of the American Kennel Club, American Cannine Association, Contenental Kennel Club, and America’s Pet Registry.  All of our parents are Registered  Purebreds.   Our dogs and puppies are part of our family! They are “home-raised”.  Each morning and evening finds us feeding, watering, and caring for them.  We all have a part.


Our Mother dog's are put into their Mommy Pet Homes with their whelping box and puppies. They have everything they need in their air conditioned or heated room. We feed the moms and puppies quality High Protein Diamond Puppy food plus Revival's B Strong Vitamins and Daily multivitamins. We keep their room smelling clean and fresh!

Donna, mom at the Ranch, enjoys grooming all the Parents and their Pups.  She is also the "doggy mid-wife".  Staying up late into the night sometimes to make sure the puppy deliveries are safe and healthy.  She is currently planning to get her degree as a Vet Tech.                                                                  

  Dad, who is a general contracter, built our wonderful parent homes. They are extra large pens, made of solid oak fencing , and treated with marine oil to be water resistant. They have solid flooring that we clean and disinfects every day. No cages! We put commercial drains in the center of every pen so we can keep them washed and cleaned. They are never exposed to rain, snow, or high winds. They are shaded, yet they get sunlight and plenty of fresh air via the windows and sliding doors that open up.  We have heated waters, heated pet mats, and fans for humid days. 

Although we have wonderful permanent housing for the parents; where they can run around and get plenty of exercise.  They also have the run of the ranch.  Plus they take turns going on walks up our beautiful country lane.   Our children help us as well. Their favorite part is playing  fetch and  helping mom and dad with the puppies. They love to snuggle and play with them. What a great experience to raise our children with our puppies. 

Plus, we keep them together in groups, so they always have each other. We take special care of our parents too, making sure they are Vet Checked, dewormed and vaccinated. Donna likes to bathe and groom them. 

We truly enjoy raising our puppies and caring for their parents. They are part of our Family! It is so rewarding to be able to bless others. We love, play, and snuggle with each one until it is time to leave for their new home.  We will give you a copy of thier medical record.  We take pictures every two weeks, so you can see your puppy growing. 

We want this to be a rewarding experience for you as well, so we are usually on call to help answer questions.  We continue to care for them after they leave us. Please send us pics and updates and let us know how they're doing. Also in case of an emergency, we can help to find you a new home for your puppy. 


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Whether you’re coming to see us to get your new puppy, or having it sent to you; our goal is to exceed your expectations for finding your new canine companion and friend.