Indian Creek Ranch

The Schultz Family

Located in Northeastern Missouri


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Monday thru Saturday

9:00 am to 8:00 pm Central time.

We are busy during the day having Homeschool, but will contact you as soon as possible. 

   Sunday is our day of worship.




We are proud to be members of the American Kennel Club, America's Pet Registry Inc., Continental Kennel Club, and the American Canine Association.                                                                                                                                    We are a very small, family owned and operated professional pet breeder. Although it is a hobby for our family, we believe in accountability. We are also a licensed Missouri Business.  We are USDA licensed and inspected to ship. Also we are licensed and inspected by the MO Dept. of Ag. We are also inspected by AKC and our local Veterinarian office. 

We offer Designer Breed First Generation Cavapoos (King Charles Cavelier crossed with a Poodle) and Purebred Miniature Pinscher Puppies. Registered AKC, APRI, or CKC.

For your convenience, SHIPPING IS INCLUDED in the United States. You may reserve a puppy with a $300.00 non-refundable downpayment. Puppies are ready to go at 8 weeks old!

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Our Cavapoo Puppy Waiting List

About our Waiting List

You have the option of placing a Non-Refundable PayPal $300 Deposit to Reserve a spot on our waiting list.  The Deposit would go towards the purchase of your Cavapoo Puppy.  You will need to contact us and we will send a PayPal Deposit Invoice that is also mobile to pay. Please fill out a  Purchase Agreement after you have paid with your info and choices. You would just need to be patient for litter arrivals. Once you place the deposit, you will receive litter announcements to choose which Cavapoo puppy you want from a given litter as they're available. You also have the option to pass on as many litters as you want.  So you can get the sex and color of the puppy you want.



How the Waiting List Works

Once you have paid the deposit you will be placed at the bottom of our active Waiting List, where you will begin the climb to the top of the list with every litter that is adopted to their new homes. Most families are matched with their new puppy within a few months. When your name gets to the top of our Waiting List we will contact you with a litter announcement.  We wait about a week to take pics and be sure all pups are thriving.  We will then send pics of puppies available to you and pics of their parents.  We ask families that receive this special Puppy Announcement to view the pictures and reply to us with their choice of puppy in that litter within a day.  We offer puppies to families in the order in which deposits are placed.  You are always welcome to pass on a litter anouncement and wait.  If you find that you need to pass on a litter for any reason, you will retain your place at the top of the Waiting List.



When Will You Get Your Puppy

We are a very small, family owned and operated Cavapoo breeder. We cannot predict an exact date because even though we know the parent dogs well and know when they should be expecting, the number of pups, their genders, their colors, and their coat types are unknown to us until the litter is actually born.  So the waiting list is constantly moving and changing based on when puppies are born and matched to their new families.  The greater your flexibility, the greater the likelihood that you will be matched more quickly with a puppy. The more specific your desired puppy as noted on your purchase agreement, the longer it will take for that exact puppy to be born. 


While Your Waiting

Waiting is defineitely the hardest and longest part about the process. So while you wait, it's a good idea to invest some time into getting ready for your new pups arrival.  We do ask that you are willing to be patient until your puppy arrives!